Yare Autumn Cruiser Series

New for 2023!


The series will consist of three events: the GWYC Cecil Howard Memorial Race, the CHSC Yare Navigation Race (YNR) and the YSC Autumn Open Regatta. All boats which compete in all three of these events and appear in their results as listed below will automatically qualify for inclusion in the YACS. There is no entry fee.

The results used will be those from the Cecil Howard Memorial Race, the overall results on corrected time for the YNR and the overall result of the Autumn Open Regatta. All three of these are to count, with no discard.

For the YNR only, boats which do not qualify for the YACS will be removed from the overall result and those remaining will be awarded sequential points, starting with one point for the highest placed boat, two points for the second, etc.

For the YSC Autumn Regatta, boats only need to compete in two of the three races at that event to qualify for an overall result. The Junior Helms race is not included for this purpose.

Boats marked DNF in any of the relevant results will be awarded YACS points based on the total number of boats qualifying for the series, plus one.


There will be eight trophies awarded. No boat may qualify for more than one trophy.

The trophies will be presented in this order of precedence:

  1. YACS first overall: BSC Challenge Cup
    2. YACS second overall: YSC President’s Trophy
    3. Fast division winner: YSC Decanter
    4. Middle division winner: BSC Clubhouse Cup
    5. Slow division winner: BSC Century Trophy
    6. Northern Rivers trophy: BSC Salver
    7. Southern Rivers trophy: YSC Secretary’s Salver
    8. Last placed boat overall: BSC Anchor

For the purposes of the fast, middle and slow division trophies, the fleet will be divided as equally as possible into three sections according to handicap. Boats on the same handicap will always be in the same division as each other. If a boat’s handicap is altered during the series, the later handicap will apply for this purpose.

A boat shall be deemed to be either ‘Northern’ or ‘Southern’ according to its normal summer mooring. Where there is any ambiguity, it is the skipper’s responsibility to declare which section they wish to be in before the start of the Cecil Howard Race. In the absence of any declaration, a decision will be made by the race officer at that event. There will be no appeal on this decision.

If one of the three events is cancelled, trophies will be awarded based on the remaining two events. If two events are cancelled, the series is void.

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