Owner's guidelines

Modifying or updating your boat?

When boats are modified, or significant repairs are undertaken, the onus is on the owner to inform the committee of the changes before racing.            An altered boat which has not been subject to review of its handicap is considered to be out of class and not eligible to win.

Examples of changes that should be notified are:

● Removal or fitting of an inboard engine or electric pod,

● Changing a propeller,

● Changing mast or spars in particular fitting of carbon spars,

● Fitting of a hydrofoil keel or rudder,

● Changes to sails even if these are like for like,

● Changes to standing rigging i.e. wire to Dyneema or similar

● Any significant alterations or repairs that are likely to affect the performance of the yacht.

This is not an exhaustive list so if in doubt send an email to the secretary and ask for guidance.  When contacting the secretary to inform the committee, do not assume any prior knowledge about your yacht or its history. Please therefore, include details of what you are changing and why you are changing it together with details of the change. Make sure you include all  dimensions even if the spar/sail/keel/rudder replacement is the same size.  The committee cannot make decisions without seeing sail plans or other drawings as appropriate.  

Photographs of before and after are particularly helpful, as are any drawings you can provide showing changes. This is particularly relevant if you are changing your spars or sails, sail lofts will normally be able to provide both a before and after sail plan which must show dimensions and sail area.  If the committee is not notified of changes, yachts will be placed on provisional handicaps until all information has been received.

Yachts on a provisional handicap can request ratification after they have completed three qualifying races under their provisional handicap.  A qualifying race is one run under RCC rules, organised by a RYA affiliated club and one in which at least two other finishers have ratified handicaps.  For a handicap to be ratified the results must be made available to the RCC Committee and responsibility for that rests with owners. 

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