Representative races 2023

As per class rule 14, “The General Committee will publish on the Class Website the section of the Minutes of each General Committee Meeting which relates to handicaps and which will include a definition of those races or regattas which have most influenced the Committee’s decision in respect of any change of handicap”.

This is a standing item on RCC committee, at each meeting this year the committee discussed any recent races where results had been submitted and decided which were relevant to the handicapping process.

Race CodeRace NameFinishersConditionsWinddate
TurkeyTurkey Race 202263/12/22
NBspr2NBYC Spring Reg - 2430/4/23
EAspr1EACC spring reg9SunnyHardly any, race shortened7/5/23
EAspr2EACC spring reg12SunnyHardly any, race shortened7/5/23
ACLE1Acle sat1213/5/23
ACLE2Acle sun (pursuit)1014/5/23
ACLE3Acle sun PM914/5/23
PerryRay Perryman Trophy6LW 11.30 approx3NE27/5/23
CHSCclub5YSC-CHSC challenge/ Downriver 56WSW 42/7/23
TMOR1TMOR Sat AM2227/5/23
TMOR2TMOR Sat PM2127/5/23
TMOR3TMOR Sun AM2328/5/23
TMOR4TMOR Sun PM2228/5/23
TMOR5Cock o’ the Broads2529/5/23
NBclub2NBYC club race 411/6/23
NBclub3NBYC club race 718/6/23
YSCR1YSC Rockland - Sat PM5LW mid race3 E3/6/23
YSCR2YSC Rockland - Sat PM6Strong flood3, falling E4/6/23
YSCR3YSC Rockland - Sun5Ebb tide, turning towards end2 to 3 E4/6/23
NPC1aPunt Club Open 1 A58/7/23
NPC1bPunt Club Open 1 B58/7/23
NPC2aPunt Club Open 2 A58/7/23
NPC2bPunt Club Open 2 B58/7/23
NPC3aPunt Club Open 3 A69/7/23
NPC3bPunt Club Open 3 B49/7/23
NPC4aPunt Club Open 4 A69/7/23
NPC4bPunt Club Open 4 B59/7/23
EACC1EACC w/e Pursuit1524/6/23
EACC2EACC w/e Roundabout 1525/6/23
EACC3EACC w/e Sun pm 1425/6/23
nbycA1a1st NBYC w/e - 1 91/7/23
nbycA1b1st NBYC w/e - 181/7/23
nbycA2a1st NBYC w/e - 2 61/7/23
nbycA2b1st NBYC w/e - 281/7/23
nbycA3a1st NBYC w/e - 3 92/7/23
nbycA3b1st NBYC w/e - 372/7/23
nbycA4a1st NBYC w/e - 4 82/7/23
nbycA4b1st NBYC w/e - 482/7/23
YSCcant2YSC Cantley (July) 25Last of flood5 gusting 7 SW15/7/23
YSCcant3YSC Cantley (July) 35Ebb tide - tack against5 gusting 7 SW16/7/23
nbycB2nd nbyc weekendinsufficient finishers (2 in start A and 2 max in start B)

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