RCC Handicapping

Handicapping Guidelines 2023

The guidelines used by the committee when handicapping can be found by clicking on the link:

Roach Guidelines April 2024

If you’re considering a new sail, check out our updated guidelines on the shape of the roach….

Running an RCC race

If you are a Race Officer or your club is running a race involving River Cruiser Class yachts, please ask for our dedicated Excel spreadsheet to help you work out the results and send them to us.

River Cruiser Class – Current Handicap lists

Two lists are available:

RiverCruiserHandicaps.xls A full list of all Class yachts (see button above)

RCCupdateList.xls, showing only changes since this year’s Green Book. (Also a text file RCCupdateList.tab)   

Select one of the above to start the download of the file to your computer

The xls lists are formatted to be used electronically. Normal handicaps have a ‘-‘ sign and ‘+’ handicaps are shown without any sign.
Note that the current handicap is in column D. The last column (H) shows what it was before the latest change

Technical information
The files are formatted as html tables. The first row is field names (column headings). They can be opened readily by most versions of Excel and have been given the .xls extension so that they will open automatically in Excel once loaded.
They can be opened in a web browser or imported into any other application (database) that can read html files. It may be necessary to change the extension to facilitate the process.
If you require any further assistance, please ask.

Provisional handicapping
Any newly registered yacht, or one which has undergone substantial modifications or has not completed three or more acceptable races in the two preceding seasons, will be allocated a provisional handicap. This handicap can however be ratified once at least three qualifying races have been completed (subject to timing of committee meetings). The minimum requirements of an acceptable race are that:
o It is a River Cruiser Class race
o It is organised under a club flag
o At least two other finishers have ratified RCC handicaps.

For a handicap to be ratified, these results must obviously be made available to the RCC committee and responsibility for this rests with owners. The committee should receive results from all Sabrina and Snowbird Trophy events. If your qualifying races are not included in these, you should ensure that a copy of the results (which must include times for all finishers) is e-mailed to RCC results or sent to the Hon Registrar at the address in the Green Book.

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